Wilson Lab conducts biomolecular engineering research, with an emphasis on protein engineering, using a unique blend of iterative experimentation, computational protein design, and modeling.


Designing Energy Transfer Proteins


Engineering Novel Transcription Factors


Engineering Stability to Structure and Function

Nature’s principal machinery – proteins – offers great promise toward the future development of useful biological electronic devices, novel therapeutics and conditional enzymatic function. The Wilson Research Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, seeks to engineer novel, non-natural proteins of tailored function for high impact applications — while advancing our fundamental knowledge of protein structure function relationships. Protein engineering applies the fundamental principles of biophysics and biochemistry toward design, and is best achieved through an integrated experimental / computational framework. These studies represent the most rigorous test of our understanding of the structure function relationship; in addition to, promoting the development of novel biological tools that will benefit society.


Corey J. Wilson is an associate professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to coming to Georgia Tech, he was an associate professor at Yale University in the Department of Chemical Engineering with a complimentary appointment in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. The overarching theme of the Wilson Lab’s research is biomolecular engineering, with an emphasis on protein engineering. This effort involves a unique blend of iterative experimentation, computational protein design, and modeling. Current interests focus on designing novel energy transduction systems, designing enzymes for conditional catalysis, and the development of higher-order biosensing proteins that regulate gene expression.


2017 Congrats! The Wilson Lab Awarded a new NSF Grant to Examine the Origins and Molecular Pathways of Alternate Allosteric Networks in the Lacl System.

2017 Welcome! Zachary Herde (Doctoral Graduate Student).

2017 Professor Corey J. Wilson: “Thanks for Being a Great Teacher” Award – Thank a Teacher Certificate – ChBE 2130, Thermodynamics I: Georgia Institute of Technology.

2017 Professor Corey J. Wilson: Keynote Speaker: Graduate School and the Pursuit of Happiness: Georgia Institute of Technology – Black Student Graduate Student Association.

2017 Professor Corey J. Wilson: Keynote Speaker: 14th Annual Georgia Tech Technical Symposium.

2017 Congrats Jamie! New Publication : Deconstruction of Complex Protein Signaling Switches - A Roadmap Toward Engineering Higher-Order Gene Regulators. Davey, J.A. and Wilson, C.J. [in press] 2017 WIREs Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology.

2017 Congrats Dave! New Publication: Fourteen Ways to Reroute Cooperative Communication in the Lactose Repressor: Engineering Regulatory Elements with Alternate Repressive Functions. Richards, D.H., Meyer, S. and Wilson, C. J. [in press] (2017) ACS Synthetic Biology. 27598336

2016 Professor Corey J. Wilson: Keynote Speaker AiCHE Meeting, Advances in Rational and Computational Protein Design Keynote Presentation.